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Embedded Managment for VMAX All Flash and VMAX3

The following is an excellent post written by Paul Martin (@rawstorage) which details the eMGMT feature available on VMAX All Flash and VMAX3 Systems: Embedded Managment for VMAX All Flash and VMAX3 – Part 1 Introduction to Embedded Management and Configuring Client Server Access Two key questions that have come up recently and is addressed in Paul’s post: What can I do with […]

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EMC VNXe 3200 – Configuration Steps Via UEMCLI (Part1)

There are some minor cli changes with VNXe MCX which I will document as part of this series, for VNXe GEN1 please refer to these earlier posts: EMC VNXe Gen1 Configuration Using Unisphere CLI The initial configuration steps outlined in Part1 : Accept End User License Agreement Change the Admin Password Apply License File Commit the IO Modules Perform a Health […]

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EMC VMAX – Fully Pre-allocate TDEV

By Fully Pre-allocating a TDEV all the tracks associated with the device are reserved, this may be useful for mission critical apps or avoiding any write miss penalties. Example SYMCLI: Single TDEV example: symconfigure -sid xxx -cmd “start allocate on tdev 0c66 end_cyl=last_cyl allocate_type=persistent;” commit Range of TDEVs: symconfigure -sid xxx -cmd “start allocate on tdev 0c6e:1116 end_cyl=last_cyl allocate_type=persistent;” commit […]

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EMC VNX – SMI-S Configuration & Discovery

The following are some configuration notes for configuring SMI-S to allow communication with the ‘VNX Storage Processors’, SMI-S can then be leveraged by for example VCE Vision or ViPR to configure/report on the VNX array. Before proceeding ensure you have the both VNX Storage Processor A&B IP addresses to hand, the SMI-S host will use these IP’s to allow for […]