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VCF 4.5 On VxRAIL 7.0.400 Release

VMware Cloud Foundation 4.5 on Dell VxRail 7.0.400 is now GA (Generally Available). The following is a list of all the components and their versions as per VMware Cloud Foundation 4.5. Note: the BOM below can be officially referenced in the Release Notes: VMware Cloud Foundation 4.x on Dell VxRail Release Notes VCF 4.5 release BOM includes the following updates: VMware Cloud […]


VxRail 7.0.400 Release

VxRail 7.0.400 GA September 2022 This is a feature packed release! Future posts will highlight some of these features but for now here is a snippet. VxRail 7.0.400 BOM 7.0.400 release BOM includes the following updates: VxRail System 7.0.400 build 27701512 VxRail Manager 7.0.400 build 27701512 VxRail Manager vCenter Plugin VMware ESXi 7.0 U3g build 20328353 VMware vCenter Server […]


VxRAIL 7.0 – Upgrade Bundles Explained

When performing a local offline upgrade of VxRAIL you will need to download the required upgrade composite bundle(s) from to complete your upgrade as guided by the associated VxRail SolVe procedure. There is no need to load the software composite file locally when performing an Internet-connected upgrade – The upgrade file(s) is automatically downloaded from Dell online. When performing […]


VCF 4.4.1 On VxRAIL 7.0.371 Release

VMware Cloud Foundation 4.4.1 on Dell VxRail 7.0.371 is now available. The following is a list of all the components and their versions as per VMware Cloud Foundation 4.4.1. Security Update: VCF 4.4.1 On VxRail 7.0.371 includes the following security bug fixes (DSA Site): DSA-2022-084 DSA-2022-056 DSA-2021-255 Some other notable highlights of this VCF 4.4.1 release include: New VxRail LCM logic improvements New […]


VCF On VxRail 4.4 – Walkthrough (Part5: Deploy vRSLCM)

PART1 PART2 PART3 PART4 The VMware vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager automates the LCM of the vRealize Suite. It must be deployed before any vRealize Log Insight, vRealize Operations, or vRealize Automation components can be deployed. The vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager contains the functional elements that collaborate to orchestrate the LCM operations of the vRealize Suite environment. vRLCM VM is deployed […]

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