See also:  EMC VMAX – Build Location and Model Type

The following table lists the serial numbers associated with VMAX3(100K,200K&400K) and VMAX All Flash(250F,450F&850F) systems:


Update: additional systems include [x977 VMAX 950F/FX] [x979 PowerMax 2000] [x976 PowerMax 8000]

VMAX3 Build Location

  • Code Level 5977 which is known as HYPERMAX OS supports VMAX3 and VMAX All Flash systems (VMAX3 100K, 200K, 400K, 250F/FX, 450F/FX, 850F/FX, 950F/FX).
  • Code Level 5978 Known as POWERMAX OS supports (VMAX3 250F/FX, 450F/FX, 850F/FX, 950F/FX, PowerMax 2000, PowerMax 8000)


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