VxBlock offers the award-winning  all-flash enterprise storage VMAX 950F – Either with a VxBlock 740 as primary storage or as a VxBlock Storage Technology Extension (STE) add-on to a VxBlock 350, 540 or 740.


The VMAX 950 hardware code-named Thunderbolt , along with running the Hypermax Cypress release offers further enhancements in terms of performance and functionality. When combined with a VxBlock 740 you now have the most powerful, intelligent, scalable and enterprise ready industry leading CI to support your most mission-critical applications.

VMAX 950 running intel Broadwell processors can scale up to 576 cores (72 cores per V-Brick), 16 TB of DDR4 cache (2TB per V-Brick), 1920 drives leveraging the Viking DAE supporting 120 2.5″ drives (2 per V-Brick) allows for scale of ~4 PBe avg (2:1 compression ratio). All of this leads to performance speeds greater than 6 MILLION IOPS with sub 0.5ms of latency and 150 GB/sec bandwidth capabilities.




VxBlock Cisco UCS blades (M4/5 configurations) can scale to 512 with 8 V-Bricks (192FE ports) supporting thousands of VMs, back boned by industry leading Cisco Fibre Channel (SAN) 16Gbps switching technology with options of Cisco MDS 9148S / 9396S fabric switches or the Cisco MDS 9706 Director. Cisco UCS fabric interconnects offer up to 128Gb of bandwidth through an FC port channel, to each fabric on the Cisco MDS switches.



The latest VxBlock RCM’s support the VMAX 950 with options of both vSphere 6.0 and 6.5, along with:

  • HYPERMAX OS 5977.1125.1125
  • PowerPath 6.2
  • Unisphere for VMAX 8.4
  • Solutions Enabler 8.4

VMAX software package options are simplified with a choice of F/FX.




VMAX 950F & Converged Infrastructure go Hand-in-Hand [Webcast]

VxBlock 740 Architecture


Dell EMC VxBlock System 740

VMAX 950 Spec Sheet


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