ViPR Controller: Exporting VMAX3 LUN fails with Error 12000

This ‘Error 12000’ maybe encountered while exporting a VMAX3 LUN from ViPR Controller as a shared datastore to a specific ESXi Cluster. This issue arises in scenarios where for example the ESXi hosts already have independent Masking Views created, but no dedicated ESXi Cluster Masking View (Tenant Pod in EHC terms).

You may ask the question why each host has its own dedicated masking view?: Think Vblock/VxBlock with UCS, where each UCS ESXi blade server boots from a SAN-attached boot volume presented from the VMAX array (Vblock/VxBlock 700 series = VMAX). Further detail can be found here on how the specific functioning Masking Views are configured on a Vblock/VxBlock:


Key point: dedicated Masking views are required for VMware ESXi boot volumes in addition to Cluster Masking Views for shared vmfs datastores.

In the case of ViPR in this scenario, unless you manually create the Cluster Masking View the shared datastore provisioning task will fail. The reason for the failure is because ViPR attempts to add the LUN to the independent ESXi Masking Views, due to the non presence of a shared Cluster Masking View, as mentioned you can circumvent this error by manually creating the Cluster Masking View in advance of the first cluster wide ViPR export:

The cause as detailed in the KB:

Currently ViPR Controller does not allow the same volumes to be exported to multiple hosts through different masking views on a VMAX3 Array . This feature is currently implemented for VMAX2 arrays.

This known bug will be fixed in an upcoming release of ViPR Controller.

Reference KB:

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