This post details the wizard driven installation steps to install ViPR Controller and configure for a VMAX AFA system.

Recommendation when deploying on a vSphere cluster is to deploy the ViPR Controller on a minimal of a 3 node ESXi DRS cluster, and to set an anti-affinity rule among the
ViPR Controller nodes to, “Separate Virtual Machines,” on available ESXi nodes.

Begin by downloading the ViPR Controller packages from

ViPR 3.6 Install & Config1

This ova will deploy three VMs in a 2+1 redundant fashion allowing for the failure of a single controller without affecting availability. There is also a 3+2 ova available.

From vSphere client/web chose option to Deploy OVF Template a browse to the downloaded OVF:ViPR 3.6 Install & Config2

ViPR 3.6 Install & Config3

Provide a name for the appliance:ViPR 3.6 Install & Config4

Select the ESXi cluster to host the ViPR Controllers:ViPR 3.6 Install & Config5

Select a resource pool if necessary:ViPR 3.6 Install & Config6

Select datastore:ViPR 3.6 Install & Config7

This is a lab so I selected Thin (Thick Provision Eager Zeroed is recommended for production):

ViPR 3.6 Install & Config8








Map source network to your desired destination network:ViPR 3.6 Install & Config9

Enter the required IP info:ViPR 3.6 Install & Config10

Review and click finish:ViPR 3.6 Install & Config11ViPR 3.6 Install & Config12ViPR 3.6 Install & Config13

View from the vSphere client post deployment, ensure the vAPP is powered on:ViPR 3.6 Install & Config14


Wait approx 10mins after powering on and then Login to the ViPR Web UI via the public virtual IP address:

ViPR 3.6 Install & Config15







Wizard begins after initial login, begin by uploading your license:

ViPR 3.6 Install & Config16

Enter root password:

ViPR 3.6 Install & Config17

Enter DNS & NTP server details:

ViPR 3.6 Install & Config18

Enter SMTP server details:

ViPR 3.6 Install & Config19ViPR 3.6 Install & Config20

Click Finish – ViPR Controller services restart, allow approx 10mins:

ViPR 3.6 Install & Config21

Next step is to configure your storage system, the Wizard accommodates VMAX AFA, Unity AFA and XtremIO. Click Guide Me:

ViPR 3.6 Install & Config22

Click Discover Storage System:

ViPR 3.6 Install & Config23

Choose VMAX, enter SMI-S and authentication details:

ViPR 3.6 Install & Config24

Storage system added successfully:

ViPR 3.6 Install & Config25

Next click Discover Fabric Manager in order to enter the Cisco MDS details:

ViPR 3.6 Install & Config26

Enter MDS and authentication details:

ViPR 3.6 Install & Config27

Repeat for second MDS switch:

ViPR 3.6 Install & Config28

Next click Create Virtual Array:

ViPR 3.6 Install & Config29

Choose option for a 1×1 Mapping:

ViPR 3.6 Install & Config30

Virtual Array created:

ViPR 3.6 Install & Config31

Next click Create Virtual Pool:

ViPR 3.6 Install & Config32

VMAX AFA has a single SRP which results in a single Virtual Pool:

ViPR 3.6 Install & Config33

Virtual Pool automatically created based on VMAX AFA characteristics:

ViPR 3.6 Install & Config34

Create a ViPR Project:

ViPR 3.6 Install & Config35

Enter a name for the project:

ViPR 3.6 Install & Config36

Project created:

ViPR 3.6 Install & Config37

Begin provisioning:

ViPR 3.6 Install & Config38

Enter volume details:

ViPR 3.6 Install & Config39

Test Volume successfully created:

ViPR 3.6 Install & Config40

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