The following table represents the recommended VMware vSphere ESXi host settings to be applied when an ESXi host(s) is connected to a single array and also details multi-array settings when at least one of the arrays is XtremIO.

The following information is referenced from EMC KB303782:
Recommended settings for VNX, VMAX, VPLEX, and XtremIO Colocation within VMware vSphere



  1. Unless otherwise noted, the term VMAX refers to VMAX, VMAX3, and VMAX All Flash arrays
  2. The setting for FC Adapter policy IO Throttle Count can be set to the value specific to the  individual storage array type if connections are segregated. If the storage arrays are connected using the same vHBA s, use the multi-array setting in the table.
  3. The value for Disk.SchedNumReqOutstanding can be set on individual LUNs and therefore the value used should be specific to the underlying individual storage array type.


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