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CISCO UCS – Rebooting Fabric Interconnect(s)

Begin by connecting to the cluster IP over SSH and checking which FI is Primary/Subordinate: FI-A# show cluster state A: UP, PRIMARY B: UP, SUBORDINATE Note: show cluster extended-state will provide more detailed information. Having confirmed the ‘B’ fabric switch is the subordinate connect to FI-B mgmt cli interface: FI-A# connect local-mgmt B From FI-B local-mgmt interface issue the reboot […]

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Mail Flow Troubleshooting

NSLOOKUP At the command prompt type “NSLOOKUP “. This will give you a “>” prompt. Type “set type=MX “. Type “ “. You should now get the MX records for “”: Non-authoritative answer: MX preference = 10, mail exchanger = internet address = internet address = internet address = Or Use […]

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EMC XtremIO – Changing Cluster, XMS & Storage Controller Name(s) & IP(s)

Change the Xtremio Cluster Name: xmcli (tech)> show-clusters-info Cluster-Name XTREMIO_1234 xmcli (tech)> rename cluster-id=”XTREMIO_1234″ new-name=”XTREMIO_4321″ Object XTREMIO_1234 [1] renamed to XTREMIO_4321 xmcli (tech)> show-clusters-info Cluster-Name XTREMIO_4321 Change XMS IP Address: xmcli (tech)> modify-ip-addresses xms-ip-sn=”″ Change Storage Controller Name: xmcli (tech)> show-storage-controllers SC Name: X1-SC1 X1-SC2 Example of renaming both storage controllers for X-Brick-1: xmcli (tech)> rename sc-id=”X1-SC1″ new-name=”XBrick1-SC1″ xmcli (tech)> […]

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EMC XtremIO – Configuring DNS & NTP

Setting DNS xmcli (tech)> modify-dns-servers primary=”″ secondary=”″ xmcli (tech)> show-dns-servers Setting NTP Set date & time: xmcli (tech)> modify-datetime datetime=”2014-11-07 11:00:48″ Set timezone: List all timezones available: xmcli (tech)> show-timezones xmcli (tech)> modify-datetime timezone=”Europe/Paris” Set NTP Servers: xmcli (tech)> modify-datetime ntp-servers=[“″,””] Display time config: xmcli (tech)> show-datetime Mode NTP-Servers Cluster-Time Cluster-Time-Zone automatic 2014-11-07 11:07:08 CET Europe/Paris