The below steps outline how to perform a clean shutdown of an XtremIO array and thus help prevent any case of data corruption or loss. Before proceeding with the shutdown task ensure that all connected hosts are powered off. Running the ‘show-clusters-performance’ command from the XMS console will help determine that no I/O requests are being sent/received from a host. As you can see from the output below all I/O to the X-Brick’s has ceased and it is now safe to proceed:


The ‘show-clusters’ command should display a status of Active and Connected:


In order to shutdown the service run the stop-cluster-unorderly command. On completion the “Unorderly stopped Cluster” message appears:


The ‘show-clusters’ command should now display a status of “stopped (unorderly)”:

At this stage you may proceed with powering off the X-Bricks by turning off the rack’s PDU (to which the cluster is connected). The XMS can then be shutdown by running the cmd ‘shutdown-xms shutdown-type=machine’.

To start the cluster:

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  1. Another great post.
    I would like to suggest an alternate.
    Wouldn’t it be more failproof to just add have a script created in /etc/init.d with the following entries
    stop-cluster-unorderly && shutdown-xms shutdown-type=machine
    and then create a symlink in each of /etc/rc0.d and /etc/rc6.d
    This way even if someone forgets to shutdown the XIO this way or someone is just not aware, the runlevel script will make sure it is always done right.

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