Setting DNS

xmcli (tech)> modify-dns-servers primary=”″ secondary=”″
xmcli (tech)> show-dns-servers

Setting NTP
Set date & time:
xmcli (tech)> modify-datetime datetime=”2014-11-07 11:00:48″

Set timezone:
List all timezones available:
xmcli (tech)> show-timezones
xmcli (tech)> modify-datetime timezone=”Europe/Paris”

Set NTP Servers:
xmcli (tech)> modify-datetime ntp-servers=[“″,””]

Display time config:
xmcli (tech)> show-datetime
Mode NTP-Servers Cluster-Time Cluster-Time-Zone
automatic 2014-11-07 11:07:08 CET Europe/Paris

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