Windows Server – File Share Permissions Not Propagating

If you are experiencing file share permission issues where user permissions are not propagating down to the subfolder level then the following post may help with your troubleshooting.

Scenario: While the user is experiencing no issue while working on the initial layer of folders within a Windows file share, the user cannot work on subfolders and files that are more than one layer deep in the file share structure: Continue reading

Mail Flow Troubleshooting

At the command prompt type “NSLOOKUP “.
This will give you a “>” prompt.
Type “set type=MX “.
Type “ “.
You should now get the MX records for “”:
Non-authoritative answer: MX preference = 10, mail exchanger = internet address = internet address = internet address =

Or Use

Using Telnet from Windows to test port 25, from the command prompt window type:

telnet server port
telnet 25
or whoever the SP is ..

521 connection rejected
Connection to host lost.

Blacklist lookup/release:


EMC Elect 2014

Back in November I was nominated for the EMC Elect Program and last week I received notification welcoming me to the EMC Elect 2014. It is a privilege to be associated with such a great bunch of people and an honor to have been chosen by my peers. The full list of the 80 Elect members can be found here ‘EMC Elect 2014’ and for more background information on the community: ‘Announcing EMC Elect’

I started this Blog less than a year ago with the intention of documenting material as reference for both my colleague’s and I, thus I am glad to say the feedback has been positive from the wider community and I am delighted to share the knowledge that I acquire across the portfolio of products associated with a Vblock. As can be seen from my posts my core technologies are EMC and with the Vblock expanding to include the likes of XtremIO, ISILON, VNX2 and more you can expect many more EMC technology posts.

I have no doubt the EMC Elect community will bring about great discussions, greater insight into product launches and other important information. I am delighted to have this opportunity to participate.

A Special word of thanks to the judges and organizers (Sean Thulin, Mark Browne) for all of your efforts and congratulations to all of those who were selected.

Here are the views from other ‘EMC Elect 2014’ member’s:
Alex Almeida
Cody Hosterman
Dan Frith
Nick Fritsch
Luigi Danakos
Jonathan Frappier
Mark May
Ian Anderson
Karsten Bott
Vipin V.K