The following steps detail how to configure the vCenter plugin by running the ‘Add a vCenter Server instance’ workflow from the Orchestrator client in order to create the connection between vRO->vCenter.

Note: this example aligns with EHC.

  1. Download the vRO Client.vROConfigurevCenterInstance0
  2. Login to vRO with admin privileges.vROConfigurevCenterInstance0a
  3. Flip from Run->Design, click on the workflows view, expand Library->vCenter->Configuration->Add a vCenter Server instance.vROConfigurevCenterInstance1vROConfigurevCenterInstance2
  4. Right click and chose ‘Start workflow’.vROConfigurevCenterInstance3
  5. Enter vCenter FQDN details and leave defaults for HTTPS & SDK. ‘Yes’ to managing vCenter through vRO and ‘No’ to ignoring cert warnings.vROConfigurevCenterInstance4
  6. Chose ‘Yes’ which implies a ‘vCenter Session per user’, in this example vCenter SSO is enabled, enter the user with privileges to connect to vCenter and click ‘submit’.vROConfigurevCenterInstance5
  7. Workflow being executed.vROConfigurevCenterInstance6vROConfigurevCenterInstance7
  8. Flip to ‘Administer’ and view the new vCenter instance from the inventory.vROConfigurevCenterInstance8


VMware Reference

VMware vRO 7.1 Doc Center


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