The following post details how to reconfigure both the CPU & Memory of a specific VM from within a vRealize Automation console.

Enable The Reconfigure Entitlement

Begin by enabling the Reconfigure Entitlement for the machine component.

Login as a Tenant Administrator:

Click Administration > Catalog Management > Entitlements:

Select the entitlement and click Edit:

From the Items&Approvals tab navigate to the Entitled Actions section and click the green + symbol, from here chose the Reconfigure (Machine) action:

Reconfigure a Virtual Machine

The following image captures the CPU/Memory properties of the VM in advance of running the reconfigure workflow from vRA:


Login to vRA as the machine owner:


Select Items > Machines:


Click on the machine and chose the option to Reconfigure:


Enter the required number of CPUs and Memory in the text boxes (the allowed range based on the associated blueprint is displayed in brackets):


Under the execution tab you have the option to either run the reconfigure immediately or schedule for a later date, also reboot options are presented with ‘Reboot if required‘ being the default (required where the OS does not support ‘hot add’). Click Submit to proceed:


Monitoring the workflow status from vRA:


The Reconfigure workflow successfully completed:


From vCenter we can see the virtual machine CPU&Memory have been reconfigured:


We can also confirm the new properties from the machine ‘Items’ tab in vRA:vRAReconfigVM14



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