VxRail – How to Check ‘PTAgent’ Status

VxRail manager utilizes the PTAgent running on the ESXi hosts as part of a VxRail cluster in order to pull hardware related information from the host. If you are experiencing host visibility issues in VxRail manager, then a good starting point is to check the PTAgent status,

PTAgent is bundled with VxRail code releases as part of the Dell PowerEdge components. ESXCLI can be used to determine the PTAgent version running on the host.

esxcli software vib list | grep dellptagent


PTAgent has a dependency service called iSM, the following cli checks iSM status on the ESXi host:

/etc/init.d/dcism-netmon-watchdog status

The iSM service can be restarted using this cmd:

/etc/init.d/dcism-netmon-watchdog restart


Checking PTAgent status:

/etc/init.d/DellPTAgent status

To restart the PTAgent service:

/etc/init.d/DellPTAgent restart


When a node is added to a VxRail cluster its PTAgent runs in listening mode at its configured IPv4 address using port 8086:

esxcli network ip connection list | grep LISTEN | grep Dell


Checking if the process ‘294811835’ is running:

ps -s | grep 294811835








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