For a detailed overview of the VxRail Management Pack for vROps please refer to the excellent post by Steve Hegarty:

VxRail Management Pack for vROps

This post provides an example use case of working with this mgmt pack. You can see from the image below capturing the Mgmt. pack dashboard ‘Dell EMC VxRail Clusters‘, is throwing an alert in relation to a VM that has exceeded the threshold for snapshot duration (by the way this is a lab and yes it has well exceeded said threshold!):


Clicking on the alert provides detailed info (‘Symptoms’) of the alert. Click on the ‘RUN ACTION’ button in order to be presented with the options for remediation:


In this case it is just the one 48day old! snap that we wish to retrieve:


Snapshot details displayed, click on the ‘BEGIN ACTION’ button:


Click ‘OK’ to begin the snapshot deletion process:


Monitor the task from the admin console in vROPS:


Just to be sure I flipped over to the vSphere Client to track the status of the snapshot deletion:





Just one of the many many benefits of utilizing vROPs in your environment and specifically in this case with VxRail!

Thanks as always for reading!


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