On the rare occasion you may encounter a scenario where VxRail ‘Physical View’ displays missing/lost components incorrectly for a specific host. All other hosts in the cluster may display a true healthy status, but for some reason as per the example below this specific host displays erroneously that it has lost components (PSU, Disks, NIC). I know it is erroneous data as the host is functioning perfectly in the cluster and iDRAC displays a healthy status for the components.


The VxRail mystic db consists of data pulled by runjars from vCenter and ESXi using the ‘management’ account, so first ensure the user is functioning correctly which it is per this example:


Some troubleshooting tasks:

Checking status of PTAgent: VXRAIL – HOW TO CHECK ‘PTAGENT’ STATUS
Restart the platform service:

/etc/init.d/vxrail-pservice stop
/etc/init.d/vxrail-pservice start

Restart the PTAgent:

/etc/init.d/DellPTAgent stop
/etc/init.d/DellPTAgent start

Confirm a ‘true’ status for the VxRail Agent:

esxcli vxrail agent get

We can see the agent still returns a status of false:

Next troubleshooting step is to reset IDRAC; this can be done directly from the ESXi console (other reset options include iDRAC GUI or the physical reset button) allow approx ~15 mins for reset to complete:

/opt/dell/DellPTAgent/tools/ipmitool_static mc reset cold


Confirming VxRail Agent status is returning an initialization status of ‘true’:


VxRail ‘Physical View’ displays correct healthy status post iDRAC reset:


When a host in Maintenance Mode it will appear as missing in VxRail, this is expected behaviour:

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