vRSLCM – Add a vROps Remote Collector

One of the cool things about vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager is the capability to add components to an existing LCM configured vROps. In this example it is demonstrated how to add a Remote Collector (adding a data node is another option).

The versions used in this example are:

  • vRSLCM 2.0
  • vROps 6.7

Before proceeding with making any configuration changes it is best to validate the current setup. Check for things such as:

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VMware VVD 4.3 – BOM

The following is a list of all the components and their versions as per VMware Validated Design 4.3

This new VVD 4.3 release includes for example vSphere 6.5 U2, NSX 6.4.1, vSAN 6.6.1 U2, vRealize Log Insight 4.6, vRealize Business 7.4, vRealize Operations 6.7 and vRealize Automation 7.4.

Note: the list below can be officially found @VMware VVD 4.3 Release Notes

You will note the addition to the BOM of ‘vRealize Lifecycle Manager v1.2’ (vRSLCM) which adds huge capabilities in terms of deployment of a new SDDC and upgrades as you move into later releases. As per the release notes:

As a part of the operations management layer, vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager provides deployment, lifecycle management and configuration drift management in an SDDC that is compliant with VMware Validated Design for Software-Defined Data Center 4.3.
At this stage, vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager is not used in the upgrade of the vRealize Suite components to VVD 4.3.” Continue reading