Deploy vRealize Suite Levergaing vRSLCM0

VMware VVD solutions leverage vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager (vRSLCM) tool for the automated deployment and the lifecycle management of the vRealize Suite products, namely:

  • vRealize Automation,
  • vRealize Operations Manager
  • vRealize Business for Cloud
  • vRealize Log Insight.

Deploy vRealize Suite Levergaing vRSLCM1

Specifically posts Part1&2 in this series focus on deploying vRealize Automation (vRA). vRA provides the self-service portal and is the main user interface within the CMP itself. Full List of VMs and VIPs that make up a vRA install:


The components deployed automagically by vRSLCM are as follows:

2X vRealize Automation appliances behind a load balancer (linux appliances)
2X IaaS Web servers behind a load balancer (Windows)
2X IaaS Manager servers (Windows)
2X IaaS DEM servers (Windows)
2X IaaS proxy agents (Windows)

Deploy vRealize Suite Levergaing vRSLCM2

VVD on VxRail solution consists of two Domains (clusters):

  • Management Domain
  • Shared Edge and Compute Domain (Workload Domain)

Deploy vRealize Suite Levergaing vRSLCM6

All of the vRealize Suite components get deployed (by vRSLCM) into the Management Domain:

Deploy vRealize Suite Levergaing vRSLCM5

For more information on the architecture of VVD on VxRail please check out this cool lightboard video from Jason:

VVD for SDDC on VxRail Lightboard Overview

Pre-Reqs External to vRSLCM

  • SQL server installation.
  • DNS entries for all the components including virtual IP addresses.
  • Ensuring NTP & time is correct across all related components.
  • IaaS associated user accounts.
  • NSX Load balancer.
  • Windows template (vCenter).

Pre-Reqs Within vRSLCM

Begin by logging into vRSLCM GUI, defaut creds for local auth = admin@localhost\vmware.

  • Home – Create Datacenter
  • Register vCenter Server instance(s)
  • Product Binaries (covered in part 2)

Deploy vRealize Suite Levergaing vRSLCM7

Deploy vRealize Suite Levergaing vRSLCM3Deploy vRealize Suite Levergaing vRSLCM4

More to follow: Part 2 shall delve more into the deployment process…

Note: please use these posts as complimentary notes to official deployment documentation which can be found here:
-Dell EMC community VVD on VxRail landing page.

In advance of Part 2 some additional info:
VxRAIL – VVD 4.3 (Notes)
vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager – YouTube Channel
vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager Errors: The Easy Way

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