VCF Flexible vRealize Suite LCM: Starting with VMware Cloud Foundation 4.4 and vRealize Lifecycle Manager
, upgrades and deployments of the vRealize Suite products is managed by vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager (vRSLCM).

vRealize Suite products LCM is initiated from vRSLCM UI (independent of SDDC Manager).

VCF on VxRail SDDC Manager can be used to deploy vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager but any future upgrades of vRSLCM is completed via the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager UI. VRSLCM is used to deploy and lifecycle vRealize Suite components including Workspace One Access, vROPS, vRA, and LogInsight.​ This allows for ​vRealize component upgrades to be done separate from VCF on VxRail upgrades.​ One of the main benefits of deploying vRSLCM via SDDC is for centralised password/cert management. As of VCF 4.4 the following vRealize versions will no longer be listed as part of the VMware Cloud Foundation bill of materials: vRealize Automation, vRealize Operations, vRealize Log Insight, and Workspace ONE Access.

Before undertaking any upgrade it is important to ensure that the target vRealize product version(s) is supported by the running VCF BOM, always refer to the following VMware KB:

vRealize Suite Install and Upgrade Paths on VMware Cloud Foundation 4.4 and above (88829)

Sample table taken from KB:

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager product support pack installation instructions are here.

The interoperability Matrix comparing versions of SDDC Manager and vRSLCM can be found here.

Example interop matrix as of Feb 17th 2023:

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