One of the cool things about vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager is the capability to add components to an existing LCM configured vROps. In this example it is demonstrated how to add a Remote Collector (adding a data node is another option).

The versions used in this example are:

  • vRSLCM 2.0
  • vROps 6.7

Before proceeding with making any configuration changes it is best to validate the current setup. Check for things such as:

You can view NTP settings by clicking on ‘Actions’:



vRSLCM – Add a RC Component

  1. Log in to vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager user interface:
  2. From the environment where you to add the RC click ‘View Details’ :vrslcmaddvropscomponent3
  3. Click the vertical ellipses, and select Add Components:vrslcmaddvropscomponent4vrslcmaddvropscomponent5
  4. Select the target infra to which the RC will get deployed to and NTP server:vrslcmaddvropscomponent6
  5. Enter the network details:vrslcmaddvropscomponent7
  6. Select the required node size, import certificate and choose NTP server:vrslcmaddvropscomponent8
  7. In this case we are deploying RC:vrslcmaddvropscomponent9
  8. Provide a name, hostname, IP and node size for the RC:vrslcmaddvropscomponent10
  9. Run PRECHECK:vrslcmaddvropscomponent12
  10. Precheck completed successfully, you can download a report detailing the checks:vrslcmaddvropscomponent13
  11. The following  detail the checks completed:vrslcmaddvropscomponent14vrslcmaddvropscomponent15
  12. Once precheck completes successfully click ‘SUBMIT’:vrslcmaddvropscomponent16
  13. You can monitor the status of the vRealize Operations Manager RC deployment in the ‘Requests’ tab. RC from VROPS was deployed successfully:vrslcmaddvropscomponent17

As this was part of a VMware VVD architecture the procedure was repeated in order to deploy the second RC as per VVD.

Group Remote Collector Nodes & Assign to Target vCenter

It is best practice to join the remote collectors in a group for adapter resiliency in case the collector experiences network interruption or becomes unavailable.

Firstly Log in to vRealize Operations Manager and confirm the presence of new Remote Collectors:


Navigate to Administration, click Management, click Collector Groups and click Add. Provide a name, description and select the 2 remote collectors that will make up the collector group:


After grouping the remote collectors the next step is to assign the RC group to your target vCenter. Click ‘Solutions’ on the left pain, select vSphere and edit:


Expand the Advanced Settings section and from the Collectors/Groups drop-down menu, select the remote collectors group ‘vvdvxrail-rc’ group created earlier:


Confirm both the collection sate and status are both collecting and receiving respectfully (collection state indicates whether the adapter is collecting data & collection status indicates whether vRealize Operations Manager is receiving data):




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