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EMC Elect 2014

Back in November I was nominated for the EMC Elect Program and last week I received notification welcoming me to the EMC Elect 2014. It is a privilege to be associated with such a great bunch of people and an honor to have been chosen by my peers. The full list of the 80 Elect members can be found here […]

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EMC VMAX – Removal Of A TDEV

You may no longer have use for a specific TDEV volume in a Storage Pool and want to free this space to create a new volume or expand an existing volume. These are the steps involved to delete the TDEV and reclaim this space in the Pool. This example details how to delete a single TDEV volume in a Storage […]

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EMC VMAX – Avoid Corruption of Unisphere Performance Database by AV Scans

Just a note of caution on how to prevent Anti Virus Scans from causing a possible corruption of the Unisphere for VMAX Performance Database. If using the Unisphere for VMAX Performance feature then please exclude the following directories by editing your Anti Virus scan settings: The data directory and all its subdirectories (<InstallDirectory>\EMC\SMAS\jboss\standalone\data\msq\data) The temp directory (<InstallDirectory>\EMC\SMAS\jboss\standalone\data\msq\temp)   Note From EMC: Failing to follow this […]