The mapping of ESXi host device ID’s to the corresponding VMAX device names is made quite easily through the use of EMC VSI (Virtual Storage Integrator) which can be downloaded through as a Plug-in to vSphere. (VSI Blog to follow)

This post demonstrates the use of SYMCLI (Solutions Enabler) to quickly identify the matching device in the event that VSI is not in use.

By looking up the device identifiers under Adpaters->Devices on an ESXi Host we can see all the devices associated with that particular Host:


As an example say we want to match the ESXi device ID naa=60000970000298700612533030323343 with the corresponding VMAX device name by using SYMCLI issue the following command:

symdev -sid xxx list -tdev –wwn

As can be seen from the output the matching VMAX Device name is 023C (TDEV):

To see more detailed information about TDEV 23C:
symdev -sid xxx show 23C

Or through Unisphere for VMAX:



If you wish to return the WWN of the TDEV 23C:
symdev -sid xxx list -dev 23C –wwn

To return a list of WWN’s including Regular Volumes use the following command:
symdev -sid xxx list –wwn

Retrieve a list of Meta Volumes:
symdev -sid xxx list -meta -tdev -wwn
Or a range of Meta Vols:
symdev -sid xxx list -meta -tdev -wwn -range xxxx:xxxx
If you wish to dump the results to a .txt file:
symdev -sid xxx list -meta -tdev -wwn -range xxxx:xxxx > WWNList.txt

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