Error attempting to connect over iDRAC Virtual Console due to another session still running:

Idrac terminate session

SSH to the VxRAIL iDRAC IP. List open sessions:

racadm getssninfo

Idrac terminate session2

Close the VC session with ID 1O:

racadm closessn -i 10

Idrac terminate session3

If another user had the session then they will receive the following Error:

Idrac terminate session4

Session now closed:

Idrac terminate session6

To close all open sessions (SSH,GUI,VC) then use the following command:

racadm closessn -a

You may also run a racreset command which essentially resets the iDRAC module (does not remove any config details) which takes 2/3 minutes to come back online:

racadm racreset

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