In this post I will provide an example walk-through of the process for adding a new Disk Group to an existing VxRail cluster node. The VxRail code version is 4.7.001 and leverages the native VxRail Manager.

This example begins with 2x Disk Groups created on the ESXi node and we display how to expand with 1x additional Disk Group, resulting in a 3x Disk Group configuration. This post shows how to complete the tasks for one node in the VxRail cluster, simply repeat the procedure for all other nodes if you are adding a Disk Group to each node of a VxRail Cluster.

Logging into vCenter we confirm the health status and current capacity of the vSAN cluster before proceeding:

vxrail add disk group1vxrail add disk group2

The existing two Disk Groups on the VxRail Node as displayed in the Monitor->vSAN->Performance section:

vxrail add disk group3

Logging into the VxRail Manager and checking the current Health status of the VxRail appliance before proceeding with any expansion:

vxrail add disk group4

VxRail Cluster displaying a healthy status, we are in a good state to proceed:

vxrail add disk group5

Click HEALTH -> Physical and click on the node where you are adding a new Disk Group to:vxrail add disk group7

Enabling the Chassis LED in order to easily identify the host in question:

vxrail add disk group8vxrail add disk group8b

From within the same window Click on Add Disk(s):

vxrail add disk group9

Click on Capacity and enter the number of capacity disks you are adding (each disk group requires one cache disk). In this case we are adding 5 capacity disks and 1 cache disk:

vxrail add disk group11

vxrail add disk group12

The suggested slots are displayed, you can click on ‘Show in View’ to display the front view of chassis:

vxrail add disk group13vxrail add disk group14

Picture of the actual physical VxRail node prior to disk insertion (insert the new disks at this point!):

vxrail add disk group14a

Click Continue to discover the new drives inserted:

vxrail add disk group15

The newly populated disks are displayed, again you can click on ‘Show in View’ to display the front view of chassis:

vxrail add disk group16vxrail add disk group16a

Picture of the actual physical VxRail node post disk insertion:

vxrail add disk group16b

Click Continue once the Pre-Check passes to execute the Add Disk(s) workflow:

vxrail add disk group17vxrail add disk group18

Viewing recent tasks from vCenter we can see the new Disk Group being created and disks being added to the vSAN cluster:

vxrail add disk group19

VxRail Manager displays disk add was successful:

vxrail add disk group20

Confirmation of Capacity increase from the vCenter web client:

vxrail add disk group21vxrail add disk group22

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