While in the process of creating a vRA blueprint, none of my vSphere templates were displaying as an option for selection. This led me to verify some of my previous config, which led to identifying the source of the problem to be a misplaced template. Thanks @HeagaSteve for pointing me in the right direction!

As you can see when I click on the ellipsis in order to select a template I receive ‘No data to display’ in the list box:



Looking up the Fabric Group being used – Navigate to Infrastructure->Compute resources, from here we can see the Fabric Group name is ‘EHC_Fabric_Group’:


The ESXi cluster being utilized is ‘EHCWorkload01’:


Checking in on my vCenter I found that my Templates were living on the wrong vSphere Cluster! Migrated templates to the correct Fabric Group vSphere cluster:


Now to run a vRA ‘Data Collection’ – navigate to Infrastructure -> Compute Resources -> Compute Resources, hover over the Compute Resource (‘EHCWorkload01’ in this example), click ‘Data Collection’, then click ‘Request now’ under ‘Inventory’:


Templates magically appear!:




Useful Reference:

vSphere templates not showing up in vRA blueprint creator

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