Vblock Specialized System for Extreme Applications

This Vblock as the name suggests is VCE’s solution targeted at Extreme Applications such as VDI and High performance database applications. Using the XtremIO all-flash enterprise storage array this Vblock delivers outstanding performance with consistent sub-millisecond response times and excellent real-time inline deduplication providing the ability to remove redundant information and thus lowering the amount of capacity required. If your workload has a requirement for low latency, a high number of IOPs and is random in nature then this is an optimal solution for your application.

There are two flavors of the Specialized Vblock: a single-cabinet system and a dual-cabinet system. The single-cab configuration contains a single XtremIO X-Brick while the dual-cab offering presents a two X-Brick configuration.

The Cisco C220 servers and the VNXe are used for application management workloads, while the UCS Servers and XtremIO array will drive the production workloads. VMware vSphere 5.x provides the virtualization layer bringing great benefits from VMware VAAI Integration allowing for the offload of provisioning tasks such as instant cloning of VMs. Vblock Specialized System for Extreme Applications includes a pair of Nexus 3064-T switches to support the management connectivity for all components of the Vblock and the Cisco Nexus 5548UP switches configured as a VPC pair will provide 10 GbE and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) connectivity for the production workload. For the Dual-Cabinet Vblock 2 X-Brick system, the backend is boosted by two 18xPort infiniband switches enabling high speed Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) communication between the four X-Brick nodes in the cluster. The EMC VNXe3150 for the single-cabinet solution or VNXe3300 for the dual-cabinet are used to house the storage requirements of the management VMs. The Vblock Specialized System as you can gather from the components included is a no single point of failure fully redundant and extremely performant platform.

XIO Table

Some Figures
Vblock Specialized System for Extreme Applications Single/Dual cabinet Vblocks can support the following VDI environments:


Single Rack system
♦ The Single Rack system can host approximately 3500 virtual desktops with one X-Brick, providing 7.5TB of usable storage / 37.5TB(5:1 Deduplication).
♦ 1x xbrick= 150K fully random 4K IOPS @ 50% read/50% write (250K IOPS @ 100% read) Latency <1ms


Two Rack system
♦ The Dual Rack system can host approximately 7000 virtual desktops with two X-Bricks, providing 15TB of usable storage / 75TB(5:1 Deduplication).
♦ 2x xbrick= 300K fully random 4K IOPS @ 50% read/50% write (500K IOPS @ 100% read) Latency <1ms


The Vblock Specialized System for Extreme Applications is a pre-configured, pre-tested all Flash system which can meet extremely high levels of performance, particularly for random I/O workloads that require low latency.

Thanks to Shree Das and Pankesh Mehta for providing content.

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  1. Hi David,

    Thanks Very much. Very much useful information. Also looking to learn a NDU Non destructive Upgrade of a production Xbrick Cluster. Your help will be appreciated.

    Amjed Mohammad
    VCE Resident Architect
    EMEA South Africa

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