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Tag: EMC XtremIO

Storage 1

EMC XtremIO – Changing Cluster, XMS & Storage Controller Name(s) & IP(s)

Change the Xtremio Cluster Name: xmcli (tech)> show-clusters-info Cluster-Name XTREMIO_1234 xmcli (tech)> rename cluster-id=”XTREMIO_1234″ new-name=”XTREMIO_4321″ Object XTREMIO_1234 [1] renamed to XTREMIO_4321 xmcli (tech)> show-clusters-info Cluster-Name XTREMIO_4321 Change XMS IP Address: xmcli (tech)> modify-ip-addresses xms-ip-sn=”″ Change Storage Controller Name: xmcli (tech)> show-storage-controllers SC Name: X1-SC1 X1-SC2 Example of renaming both storage controllers for X-Brick-1: xmcli (tech)> rename sc-id=”X1-SC1″ new-name=”XBrick1-SC1″ xmcli (tech)> […]

Storage 0

EMC XtremIO – Configuring DNS & NTP

Setting DNS xmcli (tech)> modify-dns-servers primary=”″ secondary=”″ xmcli (tech)> show-dns-servers Setting NTP Set date & time: xmcli (tech)> modify-datetime datetime=”2014-11-07 11:00:48″ Set timezone: List all timezones available: xmcli (tech)> show-timezones xmcli (tech)> modify-datetime timezone=”Europe/Paris” Set NTP Servers: xmcli (tech)> modify-datetime ntp-servers=[“″,””] Display time config: xmcli (tech)> show-datetime Mode NTP-Servers Cluster-Time Cluster-Time-Zone automatic 2014-11-07 11:07:08 CET Europe/Paris

Storage 10

EMC XtremIO – Setting Disk.SchedNumReqOutstanding On vSphere 5.5 & 6.0 (PowerCLI)

PowerCLI Download Disk.SchedNumReqOutstanding (DSNRO) – Determines the maximum number of active storage commands (I/Os) allowed at any given time at the VMkernel. The default value is 32 and the maximum value is 256. For XtremIO storage with VMware vSphere it is recommended to set the DSNRO parameter to the maximum value of 256. When using vSphere 5.5 the Disk.SchedNumReqOutstanding parameter […]