For details on VMware Cloud Foundation 4.5 on Dell VxRail 7.0.410 please see post here.

Note: For 7.0.410 and upcoming out of band upgrade, please follow VMware KB 88287 and use APTool to do the upgrade:

[Legacy Method]: For upgrades to VCF 4.5 on VxRail 7.0.410: please reference the following DELL Knowledge Base article:

Note: You may use VMware Async Patch Tool in order to upgrade the VI WLD vCenter(s) to U3i:

This post is based off the above KB (Scenario 1.) and is for example purposes only, please follow the official KB as guidance may vary depending on your environment.

In this environment there is 1 management WLD and 1 VI WLD, this example showcases upgrading both in parallel (you may choose to upgrade WLD singularly also).

Begin by downloading “VxRail 7.0.410 Composite Upgrade Slim Package for 7.0.x” from Dell Support Site:

In this example I upload the package to SDDC manager directory /home/vcf. You can see I confirm available capacity on the directory to avoid any issues with limited availability. The using WINSCP to transfer to zip file:

Download attached in the KB and again upload to /home/vcf:

Extracting the zip file (note there are several folders and files inside the zip file):

Next navigate to the extracted folder named ‘config’ and typing ls you note a file in there called ‘config.json’:

Using cat to view the contents of the file. Confirm all the entries are what is expected:

Note: "max_upgrading_clusters_in_parallel": #Maxinum number of LCM can be running in parallel. 0 means unlimited. Default value is 5

Before proceeding with the upgrade it is advisable to perform health checks and address any issues. Pleas run VCFVerify or VxVerify before proceeding and also the native SDDC Pre-check:

Navigate to the extracted folder and run command “python” with root user.
Follow the instructions on the console (please refer to the KB for details on each mode of operation). Here Mode 1 is selected to trigger the LCM process:

Applying patch is underway for the management WLD:

Applying patch is underway for the VI WLD:

Running the script again and this time selecting Mode 2 – Check LCM status for all the clusters managed by SDDC manager:

The script logs are printed at  <script path>/logs/vov_oob_45_70410.log.
You can also login to VxRail Manager to check /var/log/mystic/lcm-web.log

On completion confirming from respective consoles:

Hope that helped!

Thanks for reading.

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