VxRail 7.0.400 GA September 2022

This is a feature packed release! Future posts will highlight some of these features but for now here is a snippet.

VxRail 7.0.400 BOM

7.0.400 release BOM includes the following updates:

VxRail System7.0.400 build 27701512
VxRail Manager7.0.400 build 27701512
VxRail Manager vCenter Plugin9.1.0.0
VMware ESXi7.0 U3g build 20328353
VMware vCenter Server Virtual Appliance (vCSA)7.0 U3g build 20150588
VMware vSAN7.0 U3g GA build 20328353

Highly Critical vSAN defects RESOLVED as per: https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/88870

Feature Enhancements

  • LCM – More efficient solution to address nodes that fail to enter maintenance mode.
  • RP4VM – VxRail checks whether RP4VM will support target VxRail version.
  • VxRail Dynamic nodes support NVMe over TCP.
  • Customers can deploy their dynamic node clusters with locally VxRail-managed vCenter Server.
  • Automating STIG rules for more secure VxRail.
  • VxRail 7.0.400 expands the number of NIC ports that can be used in a base network configuration while using dynamic link aggregation. In this release, 6 and 8 NIC ports can be used.
  • VxRail users will now be able to do Fully Qualified Domain Name change to the ESXi host.
  • Throttle traffic between edge cluster and vCenter Server.
  • Customers can now submit service request ticket on-demand from VxRail Manager UI or VxRail API.
  • vVOLs Day 1 workflow option for dynamic nodes – Support for dynamic nodes with vVols as primary storage instead of just for secondary storage.
  • Support for customer-managed VMware VDS on the VxRail satellite node
  • Decouple VxRail Manager and VxRail Manager system version build numbering​.
  • One-click Self-signed Cert Update for VxRail Manager.
  • Provides support for converting VxRail-managed VMware VDS to a customer-managed VMware VDS.
  • Starting in VxRail 7.0.400, in addition to IP addresses, VxRail Manager will support entering the URL of an NTP pool.
  • Starting in VxRail 7.0.400, the vSphere HA isolation address(es) can be input into VxRail Manager during the initial build process.

For a more comprehensive list please refer to the Release Notes!

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