You may encounter this error due to various reasons such as password change or account lockout or if in this example for some odd reason the user gets removed from vCenter. Below you will find some simple steps to recreate the vCenter local user. An earlier post provides more in-depth detail in terms of creating a vCenter localos user:

vCenter VCSA – How to Add a ‘localos’ User

Here is the error, the user in question is the VxRail vCenter management user:


A useful command to run from the VxRail manager console displays an ‘Invalid’ status for the user:

psql -U postgres mysticmanager -c "select * from management_account"


SSH on the vCenter PSC and recreate the user:


Once the user is recreated login to vCenter GUI, navigate to Administration-Access Control-Global Permissions and click to add a new user. Select localos from the drop down, quick search for the new user and choose the HCIA role:


Enter the user password in VxRail Manager and click submit:


Checking on the status of management accounts which returns an ‘OK’ value:


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