The following details the creation of a VxBlock Cisco UCS ‘Ethernet Adapter Policy’ for a compute B-Series blade running VMware ESXi. This policy is leveraged by a service-profile which gets associated with their respective compute blades.

Note: This guidance is based on vSphere 6.0

UCS Manager GUI

  1. From the UCS Manager GUI click on ‘Servers’ and navigate to Policies->root->Adapter Policies.
  2. Chose the option to ‘Add’ a new Ethernet Adapter Policy and provide a name & description (e.g VMQ-Default).ucs_eth_adpt_policy3
  3. Under Resources enter the following settings:

  • Transmit Queues = 8 (The number of transmit queue resources to allocate.)
  • Receive Queues = 4 (The number of receive queue resources to allocate.)
  • Completion Queues = 12 (The number of completion queue resources to allocate. In general, the number of completion queue resources you should allocate is equal to the number of transmit queue resources plus the number of receive queue resources.)
  •  Interrupts = 14 ucs_eth_adpt_policy1

4. Under the Options section select ‘Enabled’ for Receive Side Scaling (RSS), all other values remain as default.ucs_eth_adpt_policy2

Note: RSS distributes network receive processing across multiple CPUs in multiprocessor systems. This can be one of the following:

– Disabled—Network receive processing is always handled by a single processor even if additional processors are available.
– Enabled—Network receive processing is shared across processors whenever possible.


Cisco UCS Configuration Guides

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