DellEMC ViPR 3.6 – Install&Config for VMAX AFA

This post details the wizard driven installation steps to install ViPR Controller and configure for a VMAX AFA system.

Recommendation when deploying on a vSphere cluster is to deploy the ViPR Controller on a minimal of a 3 node ESXi DRS cluster, and to set an anti-affinity rule among the
ViPR Controller nodes to, “Separate Virtual Machines,” on available ESXi nodes.

Begin by downloading the ViPR Controller packages from

ViPR 3.6 Install & Config1

This ova will deploy three VMs in a 2+1 redundant fashion allowing for the failure of a single controller without affecting availability. There is also a 3+2 ova available. Continue reading

EMC ViPR Controller: Storage-Related Ports

The following list and diagram details the respective storage-related TCP ports that ViPR uses to communicate with a particular EMC Storage product. If  a firewall is present between the ViPR Controller and the associated Storage system then it may require a specific ruleset to allow the required communication between the ViPR controller and the array.

  • VMAX Block (via SMI-S) – 5989
  • VMAX File – 443
  • VNX Block (via SMI-S) – 5989
  • VNX File – 443
  • VPLEX MGMT Controller – 443
  • RecoverPoint – 7225
  • Isilon – 8080
  • ScaleIO – 22
  • XtremIO XMS – 443

ViPR - Storage Connectivity Ports


Reference:  EMC® ViPR® Controller Version 2.4 Security Configuration Guide