Before proceeding with any upgrade of code on the VNXe please reference the target code release notes on The VNXe landing page: will provide you with all the relevant material and downloads for your upgrade.

Code Upgrade Via UEMCLI
It is important there are no configurations on the VNXe taking place while an upgrade is in progress either through Unisphere or UEMCLI. For details around NDU or otherwise please ensure you reference the software candidate release notes. For single SP VNXe3100/3150 systems the array will be inaccessible during the system restart so best to plan to upgrade during a maintenance window.

1. Check the current version of code:
uemcli -d mgmt_ip -u Local/admin -p Password123# /sys/soft/ver show

Type = installed
Version =
Release date = 2013-12-05 19:01:50

2. It is good practice to run a health check and resolve any issues prior to system upgrades:
uemcli -d mgmt_ip -u Local/admin -p Password123# /sys/general healthcheck

Operation completed successfully.

3. Upload the upgrade candidate software, in this case the upgrade candidate is Version of the VNXe Operating Environment. The VNXe OE upgrade files use an encrypted binary file format (.gpg files):
uemcli -d mgmt_ip -u Local/admin -p Password123# -upload -f “path:\VNXe-MR4SP3.1-upgrade-” upgrade

Uploaded 784.54 MB of 784.54 MB [ 100.0% ] -PROCESSING-
Operation completed successfully.

4. Confirm the presence of the candidate file on the VNXe:
uemcli -d mgmt_ip -u Local/admin -p Password123# /sys/soft/ver show

Type = candidate
Version =
Release date = 2014-10-10 19:35:27
Image type = software

5. Perform the upgrade:
uemcli -d mgmt_ip -u Local/admin -p Password123# /sys/soft/upgrade create -candId CAND_1

Operation completed successfully.

6. Monitor the upgrade session (takes approx 1Hr to complete):
uemcli -d mgmt_ip -u Local/admin -p Password123# /sys/soft/upgrade show

Status = running
Creation time = 2015-02-09 19:44:51
Elapsed time = 8m 09s
Estimated time left = 10m 00s
Progress = Task 21 of 40 (reboot_peer_sp_if_required)

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