When building a Vblock720 I use the following information to assist in Zoning and Masking of UCS Blades.

In order to gather the wwn’s of all the VMAX front-end director ports the following command is quite useful. (See screenshot below)

symcfg -sid XXX list -fa all


I also find the following command very helpful:
symcfg -sid XXX list -fa all -port
This will give you the list of all Front-End adapters on the VMAX displaying both online and connection status details. From the screenshot below you can see that FA-5E P0 and P1 are both online and P0 is connected (in our case it is connected to an Cisco MDS 9513 Multilayer Director). You can also see that while both FA-7H ports are online neither are connected to a port on the MDS. FA-7G both ports are online and both are connected to ports on MDS.


In order to view the online status of all the Back-end director ports:
symcfg -sid XXX list -da all
From the output of this command you can also view the number of hyper volumes per port and how they are distributed accross the backend.


If you wish to display the online status of both Front-end and Backend ports through a single command:
symcfg -sid XXX list -dir all


View Port status and connection status of RDF Ports:
symcfg list -RA ALL -PORT


List logins shows hosts logged into the port specified:
symaccess -sid XXX -dirport 1E:0 list logins

Using Unisphere for VMAX:

Front-End director ports:

Backend director ports:
Here you see the 8 Director10 ports; physically there is only 2 backend ports on the director using QSFP it branches off to 4 connections to the system disk enclosures.

RDF ports:


  1. Hi Dave, I’ve got 2 VMAX10K arrays managed by Unisphere for Vmax (with Perf). In order to troubleshoot performance issues I’m required to use Unisphere interface. Is there a way to get FA-port statistics using symcli (allows scripting)?

    • P2 and P3 are N/A in the config shown here. What you see here are 2xFA IO Module’s per director with each module having 4xFC Port’s. For example Director 5 has an IO Module with ports 5e0,5e1,5f0,5f1 and a second IO Module with 5g0,5g1,5h0,5h1. There are different options for FA Modules but a 4 port IO Module is the max (2/4/8Gbs)

  2. Is there a way to script and find out which hosts were logged into FA ports and then went offline or a script which will alert us when any hosts that are currently logged in have logged out on DMX\VMAX

  3. Hello David, I am wondering about 6 fabric swith configuration in one of our new environment .Normally there are 4switches used in pairs 2+2 one is odd and even fabric but why 6 switches used . please explain 2 are Cisco and 4 are Hp cisco blades switches

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