Today I had a VNX Data Mover (Blade) slic issue where the failover relationships were not as they should be. The following commands are very useful for checking the relationships between the Blades and restoring those replationships if necessary.

You can determine the Blade failover status through the following command:

/nas/bin/nas_server -info –all


Type field indicates whether the Blade is a Primary Blade (nas) or a standby blade (standby). The standbyfor field lists the primary Blade for which the Blade is the standby.

If the name field indicates that a primary Blade is faulted and has failed over to its standby, you need to perform a restore on that primary Blade. Enter the following command:
/nas/bin/server_standby server_4 -restore mover

If a failover relationship is not as it should be then you can delete the failover relationship as follows. For example deleting server_2 (Primary) relationship with server_4 (Standby):
/nas/bin/server_standby server_2 -delete mover=server_4
It is then possible to create a failover relationship between server_2 as (Primary) and server_5 (Standby):
/nas/bin/server_standby server_2 -c mover=server_5 -policy auto

The following commands can be used to halt and reboot the Blade:
/nasmcd/sbin/t2reset -s 5 halt
/nasmcd/sbin/t2reset reboot -s 5

Another useful command you can use in order to list the I/O modules in the Blade:
/nasmcd/sbin/t2vpd -s 5


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