The ability to link multiple VCF Management Domains to the same SSO Domain was introduced as part of the VCF 3.9.1 / VxRail 4.7.410 release. This is especially desirable where an administrator wishes to have a single-pane-of-glass view, of all connected VCF WLD clusters across multiple VCF instances, from a single vCenter using Enhanced Link Mode (ELM).

View of a single site ‘Region A’ deployment of a VCF Management WLD:

Introducing the second Region/Site the diagram below depicts how during the VxRail bring-up process the ability to join an existing SSO Domain was leveraged. Please note that during the deployment bring-up of the VxRail cluster (VCF on VxRail MGMT domain in Region-B) select the option to “Join an existing vCenter Single Sign-On domain” and set the partner PSC instance to: Region-A PSC02 & use a unique PSC Site Name.

In terms of PSC replication; the result after deploying Region-B management WLD is as follows:

Site1 PSC1 -> Site1 PSC2 -> Site2 PSC1 -> Site2 PSC2

Manual configuration is required to point Site2 PSC2 back to Site1 PSC1 which results in the following closed loop topology:

Points to note:

  • Due to the 15 vCenter maximum ELM limitation the number of VI WLD available for creations across both VCF instances is 13 (2 consumed by MGMT WLD).
  • The recommendation is to have all VCF instances in the same SSO Domain running at the same VCF on VxRail version.
  • Multi instance VCF SSO Domain must be configured during the deployment of the second VCF instance.
  • Enhanced Linked Mode requires 150ms RTT.


Single SSO Domain with Multiple Cloud Foundation Instances

VCF on VxRail – More business-critical workloads welcome!

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