Please also refer to the Release Notes for this known issue:

Upgrading VxRail Manager to 7.0.010 fails with message VxRail component upgrade failed with error Auth Fail

VMware Cloud Foundation 4.0.1 on Dell EMC VxRail Release Notes.

Attempting to login with the mystic password results in ‘Access Denied’, this is due to the fact the mystic account password hasn’t been migrated to the new VxRail Manager (upgrade to VxRail 7.0.010). Which results in the new VxRail Manager mystic account password being set at default value (VxRail factory default passwords).

SSH to the SDDC Manager VM using the vcf user account, su to root and execute the lookup_passwords command in order to obtain the mystic password value as per SDDC Manager db:

Next SSH to VxRail Manager using mystic account and factory default password:

Execute the command  ‘passwd mystic’ to reset the mystic user password and set it as per the obtained value from SDDC Manager.

All set!

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