VMware VCF Version: 3.9.0

Part 1: VCF On VxRAIL – Deploying vRealize Suite (Part1 – vRSLCM)

In Part2 of this series we detail how to deploy vRealize Operations Manager (vROps) leveraging VMware VCF SDDC Manager.

Note: ensure ‘My VMware’ creds are entered successfully in the SDDC Manager repository settings and the list of available products are being displayed in the SDDC Manager repository.


Before we can deploy vROPs we first need to download the the vROps product Binary. From within the SDDC Manager console click Repository->Bundles and download the VMware Software Install Bundle – vRealize Operations Manager 7.5.0-13165949:


Add a valid license key for vROps:vcfvropsdeploy1

Ensure vRSLCM is active in SDDC Manager:vcfvropsdeploy3

To begin the deployment of vROps navigate to Administration->vRealize Suite->vRealize Operations and click DEPLOY:


Before proceeding with the deployment of vROps there are few pre-reqs that need to be met:

  • vROps License Key as detailed previously
  • Dedicated vRealize VLAN is configured as per vRSLCM deployment
  • IP subnet & Gateway
  • DNS entry, FQDN & IP Addresses for vROps nodes and NSX Edge LB

Once you have validated that the required pre-reqs are met using tools such as nslookup to check forward/reverse DNS records and confirming the presence of the vRealize VLAN on the network switch which is routable to the management network, then click BEGIN:


Entering the required deployment details:

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Monitoring progress of the vROps deployment from the associated consoles:

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On successful completion of the vROps deployment task it is now possible to log into vROps console via SDDC Manager, navigate to Administration->vRealize Suite->vRealize Operations and click the lick vRealize Operations:

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Example vROps Online Sizing Exercise:


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