One method of pulling useful VxRail node details such as:

  • VxRail Model
  • Hostname
  • ESXi version
  • Service tag details
  • NIC MAC Addresses
  • VMkernel interfaces
  • Firmware details

Is via connecting directly to the iDRAC IP using SSH. After logging into the SSH console with root credentials the firmware RACADM is accessible. From the /admin1-> prompt enter the required racadm command. In order to get all the details outlined above you can is a single command:

/admin1-> racadm getsysinfo


Other useful commands:

Get Service Tag

/admin1-> racadm getversion

Firmware Versions

/admin1-> racadm getversion


VMkernel Adapters

/admin1-> racadm gethostnetworkinterfaces




/admin1-> racadm getled
LED State : Not-Blinking


/admin1-> racadm help

For more information, see the Integrated Dell Remote Access User’s Guide at

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