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VMware Validated Designs 5.0.1

The following is a list of all the components and their versions as per VMware Validated Design 5.0.1. As of this release Cloud Builder appliance can be leveraged in both VMware Validated Design and VMware Cloud Foundation solutions.

Note: the list below and what’s new can be officially found @VMware VVD 5.0.1 Release Notes

VVD 5.0.1 release includes the following updates from VVD 5.0:

Updated VMware Cloud Builder


Updated ESXi



6.7 Patch ESXi670-201901001

Updated vCenter Server Appliance6.7 Update 1b
Updated vSphere Update Manager6.7 Update 1b
Updated vSphere Update Manager Download Service6.7 Update 1b

New software component added to this release of VVD:

New VMware NSX Data Center Advanced or higherVMware NSX-T Data Center2.4


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