VMware vRSLCM 2.0 – Delete an Environment: Quite a useful feature especially in a lab environment from where I normally operate!

As you may gather from the versions specified below, this is a VVD 4.3 environment that I am removing from within vRSLCM.

Steps involved:

  • From the ‘Home’ screen click ‘Manage Environments’.
  • Click the ellipsis and chose the option to ‘Delete Environment’.
  • In addition to deleting the environment from vRSLCM select Delete associated VMs from vCenter server’ which performs the task of deleting all virtual machines associated with this environment from vCenter server! 
  • Same holds true for the Windows VMs, provided you select the fist option of course!


  • Monitor progress from the requests window.


Note: for some not very well explained reason this failed mid-way through deleting all the associated VM’s, after hitting retry the task completed out 100%.


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