Note: Please refer to the DELL EMC Solve procedures before performing this task, this is for example purposes only, running VxRail code 4.5.210.

This is an example of a manual file-based backup of your VxRail Manager config, which is invaluable in the event you are required to recover the VxRail Manager.

In this example I accessed the VxRail Manager via SSH with mystic account, su to root and navigate to the backup script directory:


The following command executes the backup script:

python -b

If you wish to include the logs in the backup then append with --keeplog:

python -b --keeplog


The following command lists all the backups taken:

python -l


Log file location:


The backups are stored on the associated vCenter vSAN Datastore:


The solve procedures also explain how to configure VxRail Manager for a scheduled automated backup of the config.

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