vRealize Automation 7.1 – Create Machine Prefix, Business Group & Add Reservation (Part 4)

1. Create a Service

VMware Services Definition:  Services are used to organize catalog items into related offerings to make it easier for service catalog users to browse for the catalog items they need. You can entitle the service, which entitles business group users to all the associated catalog items. More details on Services here.

Login as a Tenant Admin or a user that holds the Catalog Admin role:


Navigate to ‘Administration->Catalog Management->Services’ and click ‘New’:


Enter a name for the new Service, select an appropriate Icon to represent this service in the service catalog and set the status of the service to active which will allow us to apply entitlements later:


Click ‘Add’ – This completes creating a Catalog Service:


A view of the service catalog including the newly created service named ‘Windows Servers’ (we will add a catalog item to this service in the next post after we create a blueprint):



2.Configure Entitlements for the Service:

VMware Entitlements Definition: Entitlements determine which users and groups can request specific catalog items or perform specific actions. Entitlements are specific to a business group. Business group managers can create entitlements for the groups that they manage. Tenant administrators can create entitlements for any business group in their tenant. When you create an entitlement, you must select a business group and specify individual users and groups in the business group for the entitlement. You can entitle an entire service category, which entitles all of the catalog items in that service, including items that are added to the service after you create the entitlement. You can also add individual catalog items in a service to an entitlement. More detail on Entitlements here:

Login as the Business Group manager ‘Devops_Manager’ assigned earlier:


Navigate to ‘Administration->Catalog Management->Entitlements’ and click ‘New’:



Note: Business Group option is grayed out, as this is the only Business Group associated with the logged in User. Because we are logged in as the DevOps business group manager we can only create entitlements for the the DevOps business group:


Enter a name for the new entitlement, set the status of the entitlement to ‘active’ which will make the service available in the service catalog, next add the users & groups that require access to this catalog service (users&groups selection is limited to members of the selected business group e.g ‘DevOps’) :vraservicesentitlements3b

Click on the ‘Entitled Services’ + icon and select the service created earlier – ‘Windows Servers’, this will entitle the selected users&groups to view and use the service (and catalog items which presented to the service, which is covered in the next post):


If you wish to allow VM owners to perform certain actions on the VM post provision then please add the appropriate ‘Entitled Actions’, in this example I have allowed two actions ‘Reboot’ & ‘Reconfigure’:


Entitlement Created!:


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