If you are experiencing file share permission issues where user permissions are not propagating down to the subfolder level then the following post may help with your troubleshooting.

Scenario: While the user is experiencing no issue while working on the initial layer of folders within a Windows file share, the user cannot work on subfolders and files that are more than one layer deep in the file share structure:

Share Permissions

Viewing the assigned user permissions: From the associated file server navigate to the Share in question, then right click and choose ‘Properties–>Security–>Advanced–>ChangePermissions’, then click to view the permissions set for the user(s) in question:


From viewing the ‘Permission Entry’ properties window shown above you will notice that th ‘Apply to:’ option is set to ‘This folder, subfolders and files’ BUT Even though this permissions option is chosen for the user, the user has only permissions to work one folder deep on the share, the problem in this case lies with the ticked option highlighted above: ‘Apply these permissions to objects and/or containers within this container only’ This option will override the ‘Apply to:This folder, subfolders and files’ setting, thus preventing the user from working on directories that are more than one layer deep in the share, simply untick this highlighted option and the user will be granted full permissions to work on all layers of the file share structure as per ‘Apply to:This folder, subfolders and files’ setting.

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