Experiencing issues connecting to an ESXi host from vCenter Server?

A good place to start your troubleshooting is by restarting the ESXi management agents.

The following method uses the CLI option SSH/Local console to restart an ESXi host management agents:

/etc/init.d/hostd restart
/etc/init.d/vpxa restart

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 11.16.09

 To restart all management agents on the host, run the command:

services.sh restart

View a list of all management agents restarted as part of the ‘services.sh restart’ cmd:

chkconfig --io

[root@ESXi01:~] chkconfig --io

Confirm what agents are running:

chkconfig --list

[root@ESXi01:~] chkconfig --list
vsanmgmtd on
vsanObserver on
vsantraced on
vsandevicemonitord on
ntpd on
SSH on
ESXShell off
ddecomd off
clomd off
cmmdsd off
epd off
vsanvpd off
swapobjd on
osfsd off
usbarbitrator on
vvold on
sdrsInjector on
iofiltervpd off
vmfstraced on
storageRM on
rhttpproxy on
hostd on
nfcd on
lbtd on
sensord on
pcscd off
vprobed off
rabbitmqproxy on
nfsgssd off
slpd on
dcbd on
cdp on
smartd on
nscd on
lacp on
memscrubd on
vobd on
vpxa on
lwsmd off
sfcbd-watchdog on
snmpd on
sfcbd on
wsman on
xorg on
vmsyslogd on
vmtoolsd on


  1. Dave have you run into any issues when restarting the mgmt agents on VSAN?

    I know there is a KB describing issues if VSAN is in a LACP config but I seem to recall it causing additional issues even when it was not. Essentially the backend LSOM components have trouble communicating and ive seen erradict behavior. Just curious on your take.

  2. apparently the ESXi 6.0 command is with two dashes
    e.g. # chkconfig –list

    but just because it shows the agent as ‘running’ or “on” to be exact does not mean its working

    I did the chkconfigr –list output to show hostd and vpxa both on….but if you run a /etc/init.d/hostd status or vpxd status both tell you the hostd is NOT running

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