In this post I will detail how to increase an XtremIO volume and extend the associated VMware VMFS volume.

As can be seen form the XtremIO management interface the existing size of this XtremIO volume is 1TB:

By right clicking the volume you are presented with an option to “Modify Volume”:

The existing Xtremio and VMFS volume size is 1TB, this example will demonstrate increasing the volume size to 2TB:

Note: you may also use the cli option for increasing an XtremIO LUN:
modify-volume vol-id="Data_VOLUME1" vol-size="2000G"

Login to Vcenter chose a host where the XtremIO volume is presented, under ‘Hardware’ navigate to ‘Storage’ and click on the ‘Configuration’ tab, from here chose the option to ‘Rescan All’ this will scan the host bus for newly assigned storage:

Once the rescan completes enter the volume properties, from here the additional 1TB of space will be visible under ‘Extents’, chose the option to ‘Increase’:

Select the XtremIO volume and hit next:

The next window will provide the breakdown of the existing volume and the available free space by which we can increase the volume:

Chose ‘Maximum available size’ which is 1TB in this example:

Click ‘Finish’:

The ‘Data_Volume1’ VMFS datastore has been successfully increased by 1TB of XtremIO storage:

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