Here I will detail the steps involved in upgrading the OE for file and block on the VNX. Using the Unisphere Service Manager is the recommended method of upgrade. The USM now supports an upgrade if the VNX has two Control stations provided you are running a minimum code level of 7.0.50.x. Note that VG2 and VG8 systems must continue to use the CLI procedure for upgrading.

Download the required software from the EMC Support site
• The VNX OE for File software packages required for this procedure will be:
a. pkg_x.x.x.x_emcnas.tar and pkg_x.x.x.x_emcnas.tar.checksum (if available)
b. x.x.x.x_emcnas_CD1.iso and x.x.x.x_emcnas_CD1.iso.checksum (if available).
– The DVD iso image cannot be used.
– If you do not have the expected checksum file, Unisphere Service Manager (USM) will warn that it cannot validate the software file and that it may be corrupt. If you are sure that your files were downloaded correctly, you can ignore this message.
c. The pkg and iso files should be placed in a folder with the following naming convention. c:\EMC\repository\downloads\vnx\\, for example c:\EMC\repository\downloads\vnx\22022013\

Note: The “.upg” is required for the folder name.

• The VNX OE for Block software packages required for this procedure will be:
a. file
b. Any enablers that you are to install.
• Ensure that the destination versions of the VNX OE for Block and VNX OE for File software are compatible
• Upgrade the VNX OE for File software before upgrading the VNX OE for Block software Start Unisphere Service Manager.

Log in to the storage system to be updated using the IP address of one of the SPs and administrator credentials.
Click on the Software Tab, then System Software
Run the Prepare for Installation step to check for any issues, and address them.

After you have run through the Prepare wizard then select the Install Software step
Select the type of upgrade that you will be performing – Install VNX OE for File
Choose your upgrade package

During the File software upgrade, you will be asked if you want to reboot the data Movers during the upgrade or after the upgrade.

Follow the prompts in the Wizard, answering the prompts to reboot if you indicated that you wanted to reboot during the upgrade, not afterwards

Did the File OE upgrade complete successfully?
If yes, go to the next step.

Block OE Upgrade
Select Express Install or Custom Install. (Express Install is offered if software was pre-staged using the Prepare for Installation option within the last 2 days.)
Follow the wizard steps to upgrade the block software

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