UEFI0315: Unable to process an iDRAC request to configure Secure Boot keys because of a communication error between BIOS and iDRAC.

Encountered the above error on a VxRail 13G host running iDRAC 8 during POST. The following details one method that may resolve the issue.

The following procedure resets the Secure Boot Keys using Redfish API. If you are using Secure Boot then ensure to backup the keys before proceeding.

Secure Boot must be set to custom in System BIOS in order to be able to reset the Secure Boot Keys and the systems needs to be booted to ESXi in advance of sending the Redfish Post command:

The following example leverages Postman to perform the API call. Select POST, enter the POST request:


Enter the root creds under the Authorization tab:

Under the Headers tab enter Key: Content-Type Value: application/json

In the Body tab enter {“ResetKeysType”:”ResetAllKeysToDefault”} and click SEND:

Successfully resets the Secure Boot Keys using Redfish API:

The following DELL EMC KB Article provides some additional details and alternative methods of remediation:

Article Number: 177187

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