On a rare occasion you may be required to reference the VxRail Manager UUID; for example during a support call or to just confirm the UUID is in sync between VxRail Manager & vCenter.

To lookup the VxRail Manager UUID registered in vCenter there are multiple methods, here I will showcase 3 (HTML Client, MOB, PowerCLI).

vCenter Client

From the vCenter HTML5 client simply navigate to the VxRail cluster and click on VMs, from here you can view the UUID values of all VMs residing on the cluster including that of VxRail Manager as highlighted below:

vCenter MOB

You may also leverage the vCenter MOB to lookup the UUID by browsing to https:\\vc-ip\mob and using the following navigation path:

Content->rootFolder->datacenter->vmFolder->childEntity(VMware HCIA Folder)->childEntity(VxRail Manager)->config:



Connect-VIServer -Server -user administrator@vsphere.local -password yourpassword

Get-VM “VxRail Manager” | %{(Get-View $_.Id).config.uuid}

Lookup UUID Via VxRail Manager

To confirm the UUID on the VxRail Manager VM simply SSH to VxRail Manager and issue the following commands to reference the Marvin DB:
# psql -U postgres marvin
# marvin > select * from virtual_machine ;

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