SDDC Manager provides a centralized mechanism for password management from within the manager UI. As of code releases VxRail 4.7.410 & VCF 3.9.1; SDDC Manager now includes the ability to manage VxRail Manager root/mystic and ESXi root a/c passwords.

Before you can leverage the password update/rotate feature of SDDC Manager you first need to have configured dual authentication. Please see the following post explaining how to configure dual authentication(“privileged user”): VCF On VxRail – Configure Dual Authentication

You can update or rotate the following VCF components which also now includes VxRail Manager root & mystic accounts and ESXi root account (as of ‘VCF 3.9.1’) :

  • VxRail Manager
  • ESXi
  • NSX
  • PSC
  • vCenter
  • vRealize Suite


Below you will find examples of both methods rotate/update passwords, note the differences between rotate/update:

Update Passwords – Set password of choice for a single account per request.

Rotate Passwords – Password(s) are changed with a unique randomized password, multiple accounts can be rotated in a single request. Leverage the lookup_passwords utility within the SDDC Manager shell to retrieve the randomize password(s), as you will see in the example below.

Example 1: Rotate Password (ESXi)

From within the SDDC Manager UI navigate to:

Administration-> Security-> Password Management-> Locally Managed


From the component drop down list select the component, in this example the ‘root’ account of all 7 available hosts spanning both the Management & VI WLDs are selected for password rotation. Click ‘ROTATE’:


View task details to ensure the passwords rotated successfully:


Retrieving the new ESXi root password leveraging the lookup_passwords utility:


Example 2: Update Password (VxRAIL Manager ‘root’)

From the component drop down list select the component, in this example the ‘root’ account of the Management WLD VxRail Manager. Click ‘UPDATE’:


Enter the new root account password for VxRail Manager and  input the privileged user details. Click ‘UPDATE’:


View task details to ensure the password updated successfully:


Confirm the new VxRail Manager root password leveraging the lookup_passwords utility:


You will notice if you try to select multiple accounts the ‘UPDATE’ option is grayed out:


Hope that helped! Thanks as always for reading! Feel free to leave a comment/question below.

Note: Please ensure SSH is running on ESXi host(s) in advance of performing password update/rotate.

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